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RPGi Steel Challenge Match August 1st 2021

RPGi Brendan

Apr 15, 2020
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Are you ready?

RPGi SCSA Club 406 is running a 4 stage sanctioned steel challenge match at Element Training Complex. All of our steel matches will have our results posted immediately and scores uploaded to SCSA. We recommend all shooters read the Steel Challenge Rule Book (Attached) and review videos online. The Steel Challenge Match is a great skills match that is very inclusive to shooters of all levels.

Showtime at Element Training Center is 9:30 to complete registration and receive your shooter's brief. The match will be conducted in the Blue Zone.

There will be 4 squads of no more than 15 guns per squad on Sunday. The match is self RO'd and our staff will be shooting with the shooters to train and mentor our newest competitors through the match.

*We will have limited Saturday evening squads (x2) for shooters that aren't available on Sunday to shoot the match, this is a case by case approval and shooters MUST contact Brendan Souder prior to squadding in the limited squads for Saturday*

**Speed pass (Sunday): We will have 4 speed passes for Sunday, this is a pass that allows shooters to "shoot thru". This is for individuals who have prior engagements on match day but want to shoot the event. This is 100% a case by case and shooters MUST contact Brendan Souder via email or phone to coordinate. Shooters are limited to one gun and the match fee is $40 for a competitor wishing to obtain a "shoot thru" pass and will be in Squad 5 for scoring purposes.**

Shooters need to bring a minimum of 100 rounds (if clean) and appropriate safety gear.

Great youtube video for introduction to Steel Challenge:
Match fee of $20 per shooter and $10 per additional gun

* For second gun sign up click the additional entry ($10). Send the MD an email with name/category/division for entry.

Please contact the me (Match Director) if there are any questions.

Train. Evolve. Compete.

Brendan Souder
Cell: 540-229-2911

Stages at this match:

- Smoke and Hope
- Roundabout
- Speed Option
- Outer Limits

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