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  • I have Colt upper, I'm told it's a Socom. Has the 14.5" barrel 1:7 twist, w/A-2 flash suppressor. No BCG or charging handle. I have $300 in it. Let me know if we can work something out, my number is (352)422-0249, thanks!
    Hello, my name is josh and I was inquiring about the R O in 9. I just got rid of my ria in 45 cause I wanted a nine. Do u still have it and if so I would like to look at it. I have a tire store off 29 called fishers tire and if it's still available take a look at it. I work till six most days and u could bring it here or after work I could come to you. Also we give ten percent off to all members of the forum here. If you need any work done.
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