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    • The nicest shotgun I have is a Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 ga. Also have a nice o/u 410 (I think it's Turkish). I have a lot of mil surp. 1911s, a Luger and P-38. Both have been chromed. Ruger 9mm charger pistol. TNW 45acp survival pistol. Several other rifles and handguns. Thanks
      Any military colt 45 1911s , Remington Rand 1911 s
      No Military 1911. Ruger SR911, Remington R1, Springfield Ronin. Taurus PT1911, Regent 350CR
      Roger That ? I will study on that !
      Tk u for the Offers
      On the Spikes AR, what are the barrel specs, and how many down the pipe ? Nice looking firearm, by the way. Mike
      I will buy it...can you call me for arrangements. I am in Miramar Beach. Can come today.
      Hal Crane
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