Texas & Oklahoma to the SEC ??????


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Aug 30, 2019
You cracking me up there Ginger,
If Saban was coaching the team you support then you would think he was your savior and the best thing since sweet tea ! All joking aside, Saban has planted his roots and he’s not leaving Bama until he’s ready to hang his whistle up. I think we’ve gotten off track here, by starting this topic about TX and OK coming in to the SEC what does everybody think the future of college football as a whole will be in the next several years? There’s all kinds of uncertainty and speculation going on about what lays ahead for college sports. I think that the NIL (name, image and likeness) rights are going to be a big negative for college sports, I’m against it.
Oh I 100 percent would have loved him as a coach, he single handedly shifted college football. Two options for players now a days join him or try to play against him, he legitimately changed college football. The SEC should be thankful for him. I think it all goes to hell in a hand basket though

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