Some powder & primers still left for sale, 5 miles north of Whiting Field, selling for a friend who can no longer reload

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    Dec 17, 2012
    Got a little powder and primers left to sell for my friend and want to get done with his stuff. I won't cry if any is left, as I can use it all.

    Primers - $75/ 2 or more bricks for $70 a brick

    Remington 6 ½ - 3 bricks (Note: Remington 6 1/2's are designed for lower pressure cartridges such as 22 Hornet and 30 Carbine. If used in say a .223 with full pressure loads, you may get pierced primers which could etch your bolt face, so that use is not recommended by me. I use them in 30 Carbine and milder 300 Blackout loads ((not full power Blackout))).

    Powder - buy 2 or more containers of any powder and will knock some off the total price. Example: AA#7 and H4198 = $ both at $30. Example: 2200 Data and AA#7 = $ both for $200. I'll work with you.

    Powder – full containers $25/pound

    2200 Data – 2 eight lb jugs (same as current Accurate Arms 2200 except in their older style jugs) (more reloading data on-line). Personally, I use it in .223 with 55gr fmj and in 303 British with mild cast bullet loads. It's never given me stellar .223 accuracy, but good enough for plinking and cheap shooting...I get better accuracy with H335, WW748, and IMR4895 in the .223.

    Powder – partial containers $25/pound pro-rated and rounded down to lower dollar

    AA#7 – 15 oz $23 (have never used it, but it seems right between the slower pistol powders like #9/2400 and the faster #5 so would have a use there) SPF

    H4198 – 11 oz $17 (I use it in 303 British with cast bullets; have never tried it for other uses)

    AA#5 – 5 lb 11 oz $142 (I use it in 32 H&R Magnum with 1000fps cast, swaged, and plated bullets) SPF

    44090152-0752-41B8-AA89-610DAD0658CF.jpeg 01B64F02-D51F-4A89-A87E-B2CF4905CA48.jpeg E9BB3C2C-10A6-4790-9DC5-F233B069CE3B.jpeg A44EE216-B146-4E2A-B59C-A01CF74C0A93.jpeg
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