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    • Could you give me a little bit more info on how you came to that conclusion? I'm checking now on info about bolt issues in AR45s. Mine seems to feed OK on 1/2 of a mag, but it will actually push the bullet back into the shell on feed from a full mag.
      Krazy, I just finished a 45acp AR build and I'm having the same issues that you documented. I just got back from the range and for the first time noticed that my barrel doesn't have any feed ramp cut into it. I was looking at that as the issue when I found your post. I looked at the 2 pictures that you have on the post and I can't really tell what you cut on.
      Sorry man I have not been on in a while. The very best advice I can give is use only Glock mags. I have very few hang ups with the Glock mags. Send me a photo of the inside where there should be a feed ramp but is not.
      Thanks for getting back. Lacking any feedback, I bulled ahead as I am want to do :) Turns out that I did well. Made 2 adjustments, one to the buffer weight(went to a 10.30z) and I made a slight radius on the bottom of the barrel mouth where there was a little bit of copper showing. One or both of those worked. Next time out all was smooth as glass.
      That's awesome man!!
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