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Have you been able to isolate your trigger issue? I looked at my SP-01 Shadow and 75 CTS-LSP and the screws are gone. I remember taking them out.
Are you interested in just selling gun with 2 / 10 round mags, if so what price , don't need all those mags
I wanted to sell all as a package, or trade if you want I will Match yours gun and 3 mags for mine and 3 mags?
Or $550 for the gun I will include 3 mags it already has $100 night sights And factory ones come with As seen in picture
so really your getting the gun and a extra mag with the other mods for $450 and the two other mods most people do the extended mag release and extended take down tabs of course box and all factory parts smooth shooting no barrel hop Especially being a 45 ACP or I’ll match your gun and mags. Thank you Sir
Hey Alex!
I have a question for you. How does DZIDPA work the PCC? Is there a certain round count then a mandatory reload? Or is it simply load 'em up and shoot? Cover garment? Just want to abide by the rules!
I would take your gun but don't need more than the 2 / 10 round mags, I'm offering $500 for just gun and 2 mags, you could always sell mags on forum and maybe do better than a whole package for $750
If you are still wanting to buy a S&W 9mm Shield ,I have one for sale with 2 mags ,one with extension. added a slip on finger grove grip.Looks New Low round count.
asking $300. Thought i would give you a PM before i put it on the site tomorrow.
Yes. Interested. Sent you a pm
is your 686 still available?? if so, call me in the morning please. 727 742 5352 thanks, Tom
X Mil who loves auto. Really love the history behind the Black Knife, how it got started and who was involved. Trying to collect as many as I can.
You might consider reading the last few posts on gun for sale threads. Your "Is this still available?" gets posted as the most recent/last Post, which in several listings followed a post that stated the item was sold. Not a good look. Lol
interested in the 410 - I saw you were not coming back till the first. Would you take $750 cash?
Consider it sold My Cell is 770-616-9070 - live in Gulf Breeze. Name is Tom
Sounds good my number is 8504181359 I live in cantonment by Tate High School
Just checking that you still want the saiga. I should be available on Thursday the 2nd.
Check out youtube for the bolt release mod. An easy to DIY mod that fixes one of my most hated features on the 10-22. The other is the mag release, and plenty of extended ones online to install while you are doing the bolt release mod. That and trigger replacement with the BX trigger pack makes it a great shooting machine in my opinion.

Later, Ray
I am free all day , live behind Milton post office . Where and when would you like to meet ? 850-554-5529 , max