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Work Day March 6


Nov 2, 2019
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Navarre, FL

The work day is here and the weather is shaping up to be perfect. The weather guessers are calling for temperatures in the 60’s and partly cloudy skies all day. Jeff Clites and the gang have been busy setting the East side poles and the final ties to complete the first run of the wall. This Saturday starting at 0800 we will be stacking the ties and setting the West side poles in place. With this wall complete, we’ll be able to chalk up one more great addition to our range. Next we’ll be filling the new bay with the promised .22 targets and then it’s time to make a little noise. With a good showing from our great members, we will have the work done in under 4 hours. The club will provide both drink and lunch for volunteers. Bring a good pair of gloves and together lets help make ERGC the best shooting club in the Florida Panhandle. We will see you at 8:00 on Saturday March, 6th.

Jeff Chestney

ERGC President

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