SOLD - Chinese Type 56 Military SKS $380 - Destin


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Jun 15, 2021
Northwest FL
For sale is a Chinese Type 56 SKS imported by PW Arms, the military version not the commercially-produced Norinco. I dated the serial number somewhere in the mid 1960s (so Vietnam War era). I purchased this from Palmetto State Armory but had unexpected expenses come up so I'm selling it. I never cleaned the cosmoline out of it, so it still has a lot of cosmoline and is exactly as it was imported. Mechanically in great shape, though it has finish wear and wear on the stock. However, I don't see any cracks anywhere in the stock, just dings and scratches. The stock is still soaked in cosmoline and would clean up nicely. This is a genuine military Chinese SKS with the spiker folding bayonet. Unlike the Yugoslavian SKS, these Chinese have a chrome lined bore which protects it from corrosion. I have not cleaned the cosmoline out of the bore but every other Type 56 I have has had a pristine bore. I have not shot this gun and it comes in the original box it came in from Palmetto State Armory. Rifled firearms are banned from import from China but these Chinese SKS's have been sitting in storage in Albania for over 20 years, which to the government makes them not Chinese anymore, somehow.

Price is firm at $380 (I'm already taking a loss on this), cash only. Not interested in trades. In person, local sales only in the Destin/Niceville/Fort Walton Beach area (though I might be able to drive and meet you halfway somewhere if you're not too far). Buyer must be willing to fill out a Bill of Sale with Name, Address, Drivers License number, and phone number. You'll get a copy too that has all of my information as well. Thanks for looking and message me if you're interested! I can send more pictures.

UPDATE 7/26/2021: Sold to Tuck! Thanks Tuck.


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