Sawman estate, military aircraft clocks, 5 miles north of Whiting Field (CLOCKS SPF SOCALPIG) (300 H&H stuff pending pickup)

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    Dec 17, 2012
    I was called by Sawman's widow. A family friend was unable to sell and/or didn't want to buy some items previously spoken for, would I help...sure. I went over, gathered the unsold items and was allowed to look in cabinets, drawers and shelves for anything I thought could be sold. Will be posting thermals (rifle and handheld), 1 Marlin 444 lever action rifle, and some reloading equipment as I take photos. Other than some factory 300 H&H ammo (free if anyone can use it), there was no ammo or reloading components other than some 5.56 brass. I'll buy the 5.56 brass myself, as no 5.56 brass was bought when offered before on the forum.

    All the 300 H&H ammo and brass pending pickup by BluesBrother

    There were 2 military aircraft clocks I found and brought home. While I'm familiar with and have a collection of Chelsea military wall/ship clocks that were issued to the Navy, Army, USMC, Air Force, US Government, and Maritime Commission, I do not know aircraft clocks. To me, not knowing how to run them, they appear non running, so I say they are non running. They would look neat in a display.

    First is an AN 5741-1, clock, aircraft, elapsed time. Made by Elgin. From my minimal research, they were used in the B25G bomber, F4U Corsair, F6F Hellcat, and P3 Orion and perhaps other aircraft. I pressed one of the buttons and the second hand in the small seconds circle on the right side starting moving, but stopped after 30 seconds.

    Next is a Waltham 8 day clock. I suspect it's the aircraft version of my Chelsea wall clocks that can run 8 days without rewinding. A piece of tape on the back is marked 9-9-79. I did not remove the tape to see what's under it.

    Clocks are $20 each or both for $35.

    DFFD9285-D375-4EA8-8FFD-3E31F5A614AF.jpeg 9A4400E2-C55A-491F-8102-69FCCA4A02FA.jpeg
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