RPGI Steel Challenge 6/11-12/2022

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    Nov 11, 2014
    Gulf Breeze
    I shot this match on Saturday. It had two of the standard Steel Challenge stages and two outlaw stages. If you are a steel challenge purist, that might not be for you, but I enjoyed the creativity. My wife came to watch to decide if she is interested in starting to shoot matches. She was so impressed by how organized the match was and how friendly the staff and participants were. Thanks so much to the @RPGi Brendan and team for a great match.

    She did want to know why I could not remember to reload between strings like everyone else and why I couldn’t shoot as fast as that @Mr.T guy. She said she wanted me to take her to Element to practice a couple more times before the next one. Seems like I need some practice too…

    I think it is awesome that we have so many options on matches to shoot right now. I remember when it was only one of two a month unless you wanted to drive 2 or 3 hours.

    If you have been thinking about jumping in to competitive shooting, steel challenge is a great place to start. Now we have several options to pick from.

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