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Never thought much of the collapsing stock


Mar 30, 2020
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Speaking of collapsible stocks...if we still are, I personally have little use for them. When I put my ARs together I installed fixed A2 type stocks. YMMV, but I'm well beyond my Army days (been there, done that, and we didn't have collapsible stocks then, either). I don't continue to 'play' Army, and doubt I'll be 'gearing up' to the point that I can't shoulder my rifle. My wife, on the other hand, is very short, and if she ever had to use one I do have a Bushmaster M4 that I bought new and kept a collapsible stock on it. Like I said...YMMV
My wife has a pink Hogue collapsible stock. She likes the color, granted, but it also serves to help distinguish whats hers from other black rifles because she doesn't handle it enough to be able to tell hers apart from other black rifles. Just a thought. If I ever want to use her rifle then I just swap stocks in two seconds. A lot easier than cerakote or hydrodip or colored tape
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