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Free Ceiling Fan Hampton Bay with Remote Is no longer available!

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Dec 31, 2012
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So my bedroom ceiling fan started acting up by cutting on and off. I changed the capacitor in it and it didn't fix the problem. The wife bought a new one so when I pulled the old one down, the whole top of it was covered with dust. I'm sure it was running hot. That explains the way it would run for an hour, then cut off.

I hate to trash it because it's a higher end Hampton Bay with remote and very nice light kit. I took it down gingerly once I figured out the problem. I'm in Milton if anyone wants to come get it. Hurry because I wont hold it long, I got enough stuff piling up. It's a 48''. Text or call me because i'll be outside 850-five five 4 0 eight 35.


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