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  • tholcombe

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    Apr 6, 2021
    Hey all! I wanted to get some advice from the forum for my first PRS match that I am shooting in two weeks! Here’s what I have:

    - Precision Rifle/Scope (Seekins Havak Hit/Vortex RAZOR HD GEN III 3-36)
    - Gamechanger Bag
    - eye/ear pro
    - Whatever knowledge I retained from attended a weeklong precision shooting course

    Here’s what I am missing:

    - I have the 5rd mag it came with. How many mags should I get for my first match?

    - I’m not sure I really have the funds for this right now. I’m hoping I can borrow or just mil targets and adjust

    Ballistic Solver
    - Unfortunately no kestrel yet. Anyone recommend a good app?

    - I am asking around to possibly borrow one.

    - Trying to decide what to shoot. I have a .308 barrel and a 6.5 Creedmoor barrel.
    - Recommendations on ammo for a first match that will be accurate enough but won’t break the bank?

    - I have the gamechanger bag at least, but it’s a far cry from having a good bipod and tripod combo

    I know I’m missing some pretty crucial gear, but I would rather shoot a match with what I have then sit at home wishing I was shooting a match! Any tips are appreciated!

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    Accuracy and precision
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    Jan 21, 2013
    Walton Co., FL
    I wouldn’t buy anything until you shoot a few matches. The sport is too expensive to make unnecessary mistakes on purchases. I would show up with your rifle, game changer, ammo, and the best data that you can accumulate before hand. Others in your squad will let you use anything that you need.

    Magazines-A 10 round mag would help, a 12 rounder would be even better. Go shoot your 5 rounder and borrow anything that you don’t have.

    Rangefinder-PRS is all known distance

    Ballistics-The applied ballistics app and geo ballistics will get you hits. Muzzle Velocity is important. Borrow someone’s magneto speed at the 100 yard line before the match.

    Ammo- shoot your 6.5. Prime, Berger and Hornady Match are good choices. Don’t buy the cheapest thing. Spotting impacts is important but Other shooters will help new shooters.

    Tripod-go shoot first. Find out what you like.

    Stay positive and open minded. Pay attention to the other shooters especially the ones getting hits.
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