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Air Venturi Avenger


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Jun 28, 2013
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If your are looking for a great way to keep shooting for a little money in these times of expensive and hard to find ammo consider this. A few months ago I picked up the newest model from Air Venturi, the Avenger in .22 caliber. This gun got lots of buzz in the airgun forums so I did some looking into it. It's a PCP rifle with a pressure tank that can be filled to 4,350 pounds pressure. It has a regulator to keep all your shots at or very close to the same fps so your groups stay tight. The regulator is externally adjustable which is a feature usually only seen on higher end PCP airguns. Also has an adjustable trigger and an adjustable hammer spring, an easy to use, very smooth olympic style sidelever instead of a normal bolt action handle and 2 pressure gauges, one for the tank and one for the regulator, again, all these are features usually only seen on higher end models.

Best of all the gun is incredibly accurate. I usually shoot 5 shot groups, they are almost always one ragged or cloverleafed hole at 35 yards, haven't shot it at longer distances yet but others have said even at 50 yards or more the groups stay fairly tight. Since I only shoot paper in my yard I have the regulator and hammer spring turned down to fairly low settings and I get at least 70-80 or more good shots, all at about the same fps and all right on target before it needs to be refilled. To keep the price low it only comes with a synthetic stock but at $299 list price it compares favorably to airguns costing over $1,000.

Here's a video that I saw before purchasing that helped me decide to do it:

Here's a picture of a typical target I shoot. 5 shots at each bullseye from 35 yards:
Avenger 5 shot groups.jpg
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