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      WW2 USGI Remington Rand 1911 .45 ACP

      GHD on the frame are the initials of the government's small arms inspector for Colt during the war, Guy H. Drewry. Makes this a Colt pistol with RR slide. FJA was the inspector for RR.
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      SOLD! WTS Listing Reduced, CMP Service Grade Remington Model of 1917 WW1 rifle in Pensacola

      There are few actions more robust. Many were upgraded to 375 H&H. A commercial vatiant was even produced in this caliber.
    3. S

      Midnight son A+

      Great to meet up with a very gracious seller. Could not be more pleased with purchase. Really enjoyed meeting your buds at Shoal River.
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      Midnight - I would like to purchase your Arisaka upon inspection. Consider it sold until then. I...

      Midnight - I would like to purchase your Arisaka upon inspection. Consider it sold until then. I will bring cash for FTF. I'm in Pace. 850 261 8043 Look forward to coordinating and agreeable time and date - regards Carl
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      8 Surplus rifles for sale - Pensacola

      I'll take the Dutch Beaumont, PM inbound
    6. S

      Makarov pistol as a CCW?

      $24 box of 50
    7. S

      Makarov pistol as a CCW?

      Gradually depleted my supply of cheap steel Brown Bear for the range. Couple of months ago was pleasantly surprised to find a large stock of Norma brass on the shelves at Academy.
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      SOLD!!!International Harvester M1 Garand located in Navarre

      While not in WWII, IHCs could carry a nice premium. Would need more photos. Is the rail drilled?
    9. S

      Milton Gun Show 09/25 & 26?

      Visited Saturday morning looking for an M5 bayonet and a 1911 Boyt holster. Found both at a good price. Enjoyed visiting with JJ and Nate. Amen to Nate's comment on a future swap meet. I attended both of the previous. Hopefully there will be strong forum support in the coming weeks planning...
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