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  1. Telum Pisces

    Bullet hole in the ceiling!

    Sorry, this bullet was not fired straight up and fell straight down to come through you roof! It had to be fired at about 45 - 65 degrees to come through your roof and through the sheet rock! A bullet of about 30 caliber heading pointy end first will hit terminal velocity of about 300 FPS...
  2. Telum Pisces

    Happy 4th of July to everyone

    I hope everyone waves their American flags proud today! We are the best country in this crazy world. Enjoy the family and friends around you on this great American holiday.
  3. Telum Pisces

    What gun stuff did you do today?

    Teaching my boy how to shoot. He's been bugging me to shoot more.
  4. Telum Pisces


    The new Ranger T series is in my carry guns right now. The nasty "Talons" still exist and do the damage! They are just redesigned to expand at greater velocity windows and not coated black.
  5. Telum Pisces


    It's an old bullet design and has trouble opening up with slower velocities. I have a mess ton of the new T-Series. Some people may buy it for nostalgia reasons to collect etc... But people pay way too much money for things sometimes.
  6. Telum Pisces

    .243 Bullets For Sale (Baker, FL)

    Back up to the top. No one reloads .243?
  7. Telum Pisces

    Favorite factory 45-70 round?

    Yep, I would not plan to reload anything butthe FTX bullets in those. I don't buy any of the Hornady rounds for this reason.
  8. Telum Pisces

    Favorite factory 45-70 round?

    Best factory round I have found in my 45-70 is the Federal Fusion. I shoot these out of my Henry All Weather 45-70. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1001648089 I reload for my 45-70 though and shoot all kinds of loads out of it. It's just too dang expensive to shoot this gun without...
  9. Telum Pisces

    What gun stuff did you do today?

    They wouldn't chamber well at all. It was a mistake and I've already pulled them and reloaded them after running them through the re-sizing die again. I had spot checked all the case lengths too. They were once fired brass that I had purchased some time ago. Some ended up being longer than...
  10. Telum Pisces

    What gun stuff did you do today?

    Loaded up a small batch of .223 I made a small mistake on the first 100 rounds and didn't notice the mistake. Had to pull apart those 100 rounds and resize the brass. I didn't set the die correctly and it slightly bulged the shoulder of the brass. I hate making mistakes! Sent from my...
  11. Telum Pisces

    Thinking of selling my collection, need advice.

    No one will typically buy all that together. Everyone has different wants and needs and will not buy a package together like that. It's not hard to sell one firearm at a time. Sent from my XT1710-02 using Tapatalk
  12. Telum Pisces

    Blackwater deer mount back

    Yes it is! I Took two shots at it. One connected and he fell just out of my sight. Was about 75 -80 yards.
  13. Telum Pisces

    Blackwater deer mount back

    Well, I got it officially scored and my name is on the FL buck registry now. An official net score of 106" Not too shabby for a public land buck.
  14. Telum Pisces

    CCW from Car to House

    On your property, openly carry it all you want or not. Not against the law either way. I'm so glad I live in the country. When I'm done hunting or getting any gun out of the truck, I don't care about what my neighbors or anyone driving down the street care etc... If someone saw me with a...
  15. Telum Pisces

    Which pistol safe

    I don't really like the bio metric ones. I deal with bio metric stuff and let's just say I will not put my life in it's hands.
  16. Telum Pisces

    Need a few taxidermy recommendations

    Chad Cooper is great! I just can't afford him. I have had Ollie at Ollie's Taxidermy do almost all of mine. First one was over 10 years ago and it looks like the day I got it.
  17. Telum Pisces

    Blackwater deer mount back

    Got my Blackwater deer mount back. Went with a different pose with a look down and I am really digging it.
  18. Telum Pisces

    OMG UNBELIEVABLE, 20 second approval from the Feds

    At what point is it almost as bad as a waiting period. The half a day time frame for an approval is ridiculous. No way it should take that long. Some folks don't have hours to wait especially not knowing how long it could be. I bought one just before all this mess and it took 30 minutes. It...
  19. Telum Pisces

    .243 Bullets For Sale (Baker, FL)

    I have some .243 bullets for sale. I got these in a bulk lot of calibers and I do not have a .243. Here is what I have: $45.00 Hornady 75 Grain .243 Hollow Point - 100 Count Hornady 87 Grain .243 Spire Point - 79 Count Hornady 100 Grain .243 Spire Point - 45 Count Total of 224 bullets...