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    Eotech xps2-2 Pns

    Thing is in incredible condition, my stigmatism just won't cooperate with it l, looking for 440 open to offers.
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    600 steel-PNS

    600 rounds of steel 200 bucks
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    Cz p09 40 cal mags-PNS

    I have 10 cz p09 40 cal mags for sale looking for 20 each open to offers for trades on other mags as well. There mags are new in the wrapper, I have gotten them to handle cycle in a p07 9mm.
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    BA SPR 16inch barrel-PNS

    Has about 100 rounds though it looking for $140 specs in pics
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    WTB geissele barrel nut wrench

    Looking for a geissele barrel nut wrench, hoping to find local before I order online
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    Sold- Geissele super duty Luna black-PNS

    I have a new in box, barrel flag still inside geissele super duty rifle 16inch, in Luna black Looking for 1750 open to offers, specs are in the pics, only trade I'd be open to are a p-09, or Daniel defense ddm4v7.
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    Sold Glock 43-PNS

    Have a Glock 43 that's in great condition, comes with 5 mags one is a ets, the others are oem. One mag has a brand new shield arms extension the other has a brand new have extension. Comes with a pF9ss frame for a swap if youd want to change grips. It feels amazing in the p80 frame. Looking for $550
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    P10c barrel-PNS

    A p10c velocity barrel-$80
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    WTB:M&P shield 9mm-PNS

    Looking for a m&p shield in 9mm looking to spend around 250-300, open to ones have that have seen some love.
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    Sold- Beretta apx RDO-Pensacola

    I have a never fired Beretta APX RDO that is in stellar condition(like new for everyone who hates to hear it). Here is the crazy amount of stuff that comes with it All the plates Competition firing pin 6*21 round magazines 6*17 round magazines Heavy RSA Magwell 4* +2 extensions Gray frame Green...
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    Upper parts+sba3-PNS

    All these parts are brand new. (2)Aero m4e1 upper receiver w/parts kit-$100 each(SOLD) Sba3 fde-$60 SPF VG6(gamma762 bbss)-$50 Ballistic Advantage 13.7-$140 Bcm QRF12-$150
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    Bar size pool table-PNS

    Tournament Choice bar size pool table. Comes with 3 sticks, standard and nine ball rack, a wall amount rack for the sticks, and a couple other spare parts for sticks and chalk. The feet are very sturdy the laminate though is peeling off on parts of them. $100 bucks you must pick up...
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    Sold Glock mags-PNS

    I have 4 Glock 43 mags I'll do for 80, these are brand new. 3 glock 19x/17/34 mags used $60. Buy them all and receive a very crisp high five I will trade the the 43 mags for 17/19 mags that are black
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    Beretta Apx accessories-PNS

    I have a Beretta APX magwell and (4) +2 extensions looking for &140 2 brand new Beretta APX 15 round mags-$50 5 brand new Beretta APX 21 round mags-$125
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    Spikes barrel+nitride bcg-PNS

    Have a spikes optimum 16inch CHF CL barrel with gas block and gas tube+nitride e2 armory bcg-$260 Low round count on barrel, bcg is brand new Sold
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    Sold BCA 10.5 5.56 upper brand new-PNS

    Have a brand new side charging BCA 5.56 upper-$240
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    All sold Ginger Store(brought to you by JW)-PNS

    Starting off with hi my name is Ty and I have a problem, the misses is gone so perfect time to dig through a box and sell the stuff she never knew about. All SOLD! Holosun magnifier x3(hm3x)(never been used)-$160 Vortex sparc 2(opened box never installed)-$150(sold) Glock 43/43x/48 apex...
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    P320 m18-PNS

    Have a used but in very good condition p320 m18 has 3 mags, 2 of which are brand new never been used. Will come with 2 extra frames as well the black on was used to attempt stippling so it has a little tread on it. Have a apex flat trigger installed on it as well. $750 open to offers and trades...
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    Bear Creek discount code

    For anyone interested figured I'd spread the wealth mcnew10 gets ya 10% off right now
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    The forum lately

    Lately it feels the amount of big brother censorship has just gone above and beyond. This forum use to be fun now it's just sad. I've met a lot of good people on this forum and they feel the same way. Call the people commenting childish all you want but it seems a moderator or two has become...
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