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    SIG SAUER CROSS Rifle, Bolt Action, .308 Winchester, 16" Stainless Barrel, 5+1 Rounds Cantonment

    do u have a semi auto 308 rifole for sale combat,ar platform
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    SOLD! - Beautiful 7.62X39 “AR-47” - West Pensacola

    thank GOD.....THANK YOU LORD
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    WTS- SIG P365 FDE ($520) PCB

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    wtb combat ready 308 rifle and/or 308 complete lower

    text228-217-7477 fwb/pensacola
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    FN PS 90 - With 8- 50 Round Mags Pace Fl

    what caliber
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    Cz p10c barrel-pns

    whats your number onj barrel....mine is 228-217-7477
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    CZ 75 Omega. Pace Fl

    rev ,did you say 100 rounds is your limit,,,,,,,,
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    Upgraded Evo Scorpion Pistol *Pensacola*

    is this a mini
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    (SOLD) Cz p10-F silencer ready ( NEW ) 500$ (cantonment)

    i'll take it but 1 question
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    *SOLD* Cobray M10 9mm *Crestview*

    cocaine cowboy days ...gulf shores and whole gulf area have been seeing kilo's on their beaches with pablo escobars pics on kilo's.....the ole mac days with uzi's ,.......cocaine cowboys
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    1919a4 308 win Perdido Bay

    this was a war2,korea to vietnam service weapon ?is yours full auto?
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    **SOLD**WTS/T Northtac Ronin P11 Red Dot Sight 1x20mm, Crestview

    can i get it for 40 cash today ....
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    Gulf Breeze. Sig MK 25 Navy Seal edition

    nice...pretty girl
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    Glock 44-PNS

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    Glock 44-PNS

    I'LL TAKE IT .....
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    Glock 17 gen 5 $800 Pensacola

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