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  1. Dewayne G

    WTB Ruger 10/22 base model

    Thanks, they were out of stock last time I was in there.
  2. Dewayne G

    WTB Ruger 10/22 base model

    Looking for a new or used 10/22 base model. I'm going to build a ultralight model for my grandson and majority of the exterior won't be used, so ugly isn't a concern
  3. Dewayne G

    ERGC 2/13/Steel match cancelled

    Due to range condition, the Steel Challenge match has been cancelled. Hope to see you all next month.
  4. Dewayne G

    Ruger MKIII, stainless receiver

    Looking for a stainless mkiii receiver with the scope mount holes. The barrel isn't important. If you have replaced your receiver with a Tac-Sol or other lite weight and would like to recoup some of your investment, we should be able to make a deal
  5. Dewayne G

    8 Jan. Steel Challenge stages

    Someone has ignored the signs and the other warnings about shooting the plate racks and Steel Challenge plates with rifle calibers. The plates are rated for pistol calibers only at the distances they are set up. A good number of the clubs members enjoy having the steel available for pistol...
  6. Dewayne G

    8 Jan. Steel Challenge stages

    The Steel Challenge stages for 8 January match are up and ready for you club members wanting to practice. This is a great opportunity for a new shooter to practice without the crowd and other distractions. Please remember to clean up your brass and rimfire and pistol calibers only on steel.
  7. Dewayne G

    ERGC Steel Challenge Match 12/12

    All the stages are set up and available for your practice. Please do not move any of the Steel or boxes from where it is located. Practice is pistol caliber and rimfire only, no rifle or magnums.
  8. Dewayne G

    RPGi Steel Challenge Weekend Matches Starting November 2020 (4th Saturday)

    Shot the match on Saturday and had a great time. The new match bugs were small and handled quickly. Every stage has cover so the rain shouldn't be too big a problem today, but wearing boots might be a good idea. Have fun
  9. Dewayne G

    Steel stage on range 6 change

    The practice Steel Challenge stage was changed to Speed Option today and will remain until after the match on the 15th. The Texas Star is still available to shoot on range 10. Please don't move the steel.
  10. Dewayne G

    (15) Thermold 20rd AR mags (Pensacola)

    I can use 3 of them. Are you a member of ERGC?
  11. Dewayne G

    (15) Thermold 20rd AR mags (Pensacola)

    Don't recognize the manufacturer,and have the ones you have used been reliable out of the box?
  12. Dewayne G

    Anyone know how to fix a tumbler?

    Update, my tumbler has died and after the autopsy, the motor bearings are shot. I'm going to try and replace them and see what happens. The windings show good. I'll update when I find bearings.
  13. Dewayne G

    Is Reloading Worth Getting Into These Days?

    I'm inquiring for a friend who is just getting started in reloading. I'm familiar with the older Lyman turret with the red top and gray body. I don't know if they have changed over time but does yours have the primer feed and spent primer catch pan? I looked in the reloading section for more...
  14. Dewayne G

    ERGC Steel Challenge practice

    The entire Steel Challenge is setup and available to members this week. Please pickup your brass and repaint the steel when finished, additional 2x4's are available for those that miss occasionally.
  15. Dewayne G

    SOLD Colt style smg magazine's 9mm - Pensacola

    Interested, contact at 324-3004 call or text
  16. Dewayne G

    ERGC has a new star

    The star had to be moved to range 10 due to the height of the berm on 9, but it is up and running and someone has had some fun already. Paint is cheap keep knocking it off.
  17. Dewayne G

    Kel Tec Love..... How many of you

    I am the happy owner of a p11 and a p40 with the p11 second upper. The guns have been shot a couple of hundred rounds per year since 86 and 2000 respectively. The p40 is a custom ported barrel and is still more than I can /want to shoot anymore. The older one broke two hammer pins in 87 and 88...
  18. Dewayne G

    ERGC has a new star

    There is always a possibility, but it would have be approved by the PC police blessed by someone clerical
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