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  1. Dewayne G

    WTB Ruger 10/22 base model

    Looking for a new or used 10/22 base model. I'm going to build a ultralight model for my grandson and majority of the exterior won't be used, so ugly isn't a concern
  2. Dewayne G

    ERGC 2/13/Steel match cancelled

    Due to range condition, the Steel Challenge match has been cancelled. Hope to see you all next month.
  3. Dewayne G

    Ruger MKIII, stainless receiver

    Looking for a stainless mkiii receiver with the scope mount holes. The barrel isn't important. If you have replaced your receiver with a Tac-Sol or other lite weight and would like to recoup some of your investment, we should be able to make a deal
  4. Dewayne G

    8 Jan. Steel Challenge stages

    The Steel Challenge stages for 8 January match are up and ready for you club members wanting to practice. This is a great opportunity for a new shooter to practice without the crowd and other distractions. Please remember to clean up your brass and rimfire and pistol calibers only on steel.
  5. Dewayne G

    Steel stage on range 6 change

    The practice Steel Challenge stage was changed to Speed Option today and will remain until after the match on the 15th. The Texas Star is still available to shoot on range 10. Please don't move the steel.
  6. Dewayne G

    ERGC Steel Challenge practice

    The entire Steel Challenge is setup and available to members this week. Please pickup your brass and repaint the steel when finished, additional 2x4's are available for those that miss occasionally.
  7. Dewayne G

    ERGC has a new star

    The club has added a Texas Star to range 9 for those who wish to practice with it. The requirements are the same for a single shooter to use it as they are for the Steel Challenge setup on range 6. You pay your $5, show that RSO your additional credentials and have a banging on steel
  8. Dewayne G

    Steel Challenge practice opportunity

    As of yesterday, one stage of Steel Challenge will be remain up for a week and will be changed out. Members who wish to use this opportunity will need to have at a minimum one of the following additional credentials, a CCW, NRA RSO, USPSA,IDPA, SASS, or similar accreditation. The additional...
  9. Dewayne G

    Bayou Bullets ship times

    Just received my second order from Bayou Bullets since the China flu started and both took about 5 weeks. The product is still top notch and they are still producing.
  10. Dewayne G


    The match is getting started earlier this month in order for us to get off the range before we cook. Check in from 6:30-7:30 with first rounds down range at 8:00. Take a moment and check out the Steel Challenge divisions to determine which division your equipment places you in. See you tomorrow
  11. Dewayne G

    Let Freedom Ring PCC Match

    I'm one of those that didn't get the word when the match was cancelled and am now wondering if I've been left out of the reschedule date. Does anyone know when the new date is or the organizer's plan for refund if cancelled completely?
  12. Dewayne G

    Steel Challenge setup at 3pm

    Hope to get some help setting up. The heat is tougher on old folks so please bring something to drink.
  13. Dewayne G

    Hello one and all

    I'm newly returned to the forum and would like to reintroduce myself. My history includes growing up in south GA and joining the circus/US ARMY for 24 years where they were able to take most of the fun out of shooting but after retirement I got back into it and enjoy mostly USPSA and Steel...
  14. Dewayne G

    Federal 38 Special brass

    I'm in need of Federal (only) 38 Special brass for reloading. My moon clips are very picky. I'm willing to either buy or trade two for one if that works for you. A text will get me quicker 850-324-3004
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