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Recent content by Kubasaki

  1. Kubasaki

    Memorial Day Sale! 10% Off the entire store!

    Did not know this shop existed! Awesome will have to swing by sometime.
  2. Kubasaki

    Walmart Navarre

    Sure did. Good memories there
  3. Kubasaki

    Walmart Navarre

    Had plenty Winchester 270, 3006, 22mag, 12gauge on shelf. I have enough for next season prior to swinging by. If you need some it is there.
  4. Kubasaki

    2-10-21 NWF buck

    It has been two weeks since I have been able to sneak in a hunt. My father and uncle have been hunting the last week with five of the days resulting with one or two bucks, no wall hangers but enough to drive you crazy. They saw deer every day. With my work schedule and house obligations I have...
  5. Kubasaki

    IN STOCK – NEW Brass 7.62×39 124 Gr FMJ Norma – QTY 20 – Flash Sale Ends Today!

    I was trying trying to see where this place was located.
  6. Kubasaki

    CCI Quiet-22LR online

    Just got a few boxes said 960 boxes left
  7. Kubasaki

    PSA 22lr 800 for $110

    https://palmettostatearmory.com/federal-range-pack-40gr-hv-lrn-22-long-rifle-ammunition-800-rounds-729b800.html?avad=74383_a1f83161d&utm_source=Avantlink&utm_medium=Referral&utm_campaign=cl Still cheaper than most, up 10 bucks from last week
  8. Kubasaki

    Brownells 22LR in stock... for now

  9. Kubasaki

    22lr 800 rounds federal on PSA 99$

    https://palmettostatearmory.com/federal-range-pack-40gr-hv-lrn-22-long-rifle-ammunition-800-rounds-729b800.html?avad=74383_b1f500335&utm_source=Avantlink&utm_medium=Referral&utm_campaign=cl If you need some, I just picked up a box
  10. Kubasaki

    Ruger m77 Hawkeye stainless .308 west pcola

    Is this the compact 16.5” barrel?
  11. Kubasaki


    I lost mine 2 years ago, it was a great knife.
  12. Kubasaki

    Subcompact CCW.

  13. Kubasaki

    Subcompact CCW.

  14. Kubasaki

    Shooting in Kenosha WI 8.27.20

    I don’t know why a 17 year old is out and about at night with an AR in the first place. If your not hunting or at home/family business protecting yourself/family I do not see why a minor should be armed unsupervised. I want to see the full story. I saw the video where people are jumping him...
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