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      Hi point 45 carbine

      Ok thanks!! They look like they’d be fun suppressed!
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      Hi point 45 carbine

      WTB HI POINT 45 carbine
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      Perversion at its worst!!!!
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      Free crossbow strings
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      WTS/WTT Swiss K11 in 308 win

      Open to trades.
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      Weird Interaction on the Forum...

      Thanks for the warning Safety!!! Sounds weirdly suspicious and Phishy!!!
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      Stamp Waiters' Support Group

      Is that a suppressor or SBR?
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      Taurus 1911 for sale

      Thanks GCGF!! And good to meet you bravo!!
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      Taurus 1911 for sale

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      Taurus 1911 for sale

      Thanks ccc. It is. If it doesn’t sell soon I’ll get a friend of mine to ream the throat for my cast bullets.
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      Taurus 1911 for sale

      I bought this from a forum member a couple of weeks ago. He said it had never been fired. It has now I’m a bullet caster. The throat is not tapered. I shot three magazines of jacketed bullets through it without a hiccup. Comes with one 8 round magazine and case. First “I’ll take it” gets it...
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      Full length or neck sizing

      Full length. Especially if it’s for a lever gun.
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      Stamp Waiters' Support Group

      E-Form 4. 127 days and waiting
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      WTT for primers

      I need primers. Large rifle preferably. I couldn’t find my other chainsaw a couple months ago so I went and bought one. Today I found it in a plastic container in the old horse stall. Anyhow, it’s an echo 310s. Super light, runs great. Trade for Primers. It’s worth $100
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      Taurus Commander .45

      Sent you a DM of my Phone #
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