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    Identify this one?

    My brother bought this the other day. Can anyone identify what it is, how old it might be and what it might be worth? Thanks.

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    I have a pellet gun very similar to but not exactly like that. Any markings on it? MIGHT be one of the Chinese knock offs that sell for from $20-$50 depending on exact model and specifications. Look closely for markings, may be stamped very lightly. I have one that I paid $20 for that has English and Chinese writing on it but I've heard of others with just Chinese. You will probably get lots more info at an airgun forum such as

    Mine shoots horribly, worse $20 I ever spent, was going to give it to my nephew but is so inaccurate I didn't want to give it to him, wouldn't even try to resell it. Literally was doing 5 or 6 inch groups at 20 feet shooting way to the left of point of aim. I'd feel bad taking someone's money for it! I have heard with enough work on them you can make them decent shooters. I've done a little work and made it slightly better but have not had time to keep fooling with it. Good luck with yours!

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    ^^^^^ he is about right, they are generally seen at flea markets for around 20.00,

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